All persons that wish to rescue a Doberman must complete a ADOPTION RESCUE APPLICATION

Found in forms tab, onsite or by email;


*****When booking an appointment!***** 


All family members in the home including other dog(s) should be present. Everyone should be 100% involved with the decision of expanding the family.  appointments are during daylight hours. This way you can see them interacting on the property with the other rescues, how they are on or off leash, recall, if they get along with your current family dog (if that applies to you), how they are with children etc.• We are ONLY open for approved invited guests at this time, Due to COVID-19. Phone interviews and communication prior to making further arrangements.  Visits are made between hours of 10-3pm

 .• Email-, phone- 416 562 5019, or PM facebook message.

 Visits take place in our dog park on site. Always come dressed for the weather.

 ***Please note we adopt within a 5 hour radius of our rescue location in Ontario, Canada***


Intact Dobermans are NOT available. 

All Rescues are in our care at DRO

Caledon, Ontario, Canada


We don't do holds, deposits, or first come first serve. We want whats best for each rescues needs. This is why we have applications and meet and greets. Looking at a photo and bio means very little until we have seen them interact with the families and other pets in the home. We do realize that this is very exciting time thinking about looking to bring a new dog into your home, but its not like going out and buying a new sofa. They all have unique personalities & corks just like all of us do. One dog that may not work for you will be the most amazing dog with another family. We ask that you be patient with us because sadly another rescue will come into our care while another happily goes home.

 Recent Adopties 

Happy Tails 


Close to 100 homeless and abandoned Dobermans each year find a new loving homes through DRO- you too can be a part of the solution. 

No Dobermans Available At The Present Time

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